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Category: Products / MX28 Eval-Kits   
Description Galary Product reviews (36)
A simple baseboard for EV-iMX280-NANO module with SIM800C Simcom GSM/GPRS modem

• 52-pin miniPCI-E connector
• Ethernet connector
• USB Host connector
• Micro USB connector
• microSD card holder
• SIM800C GSM/GPRS modem
• Simcard holder
• Antenna RF connector
• Duart connector (Linux console)
• 5V 2.1 mm Power supply connector
• 26-pin header connector (UART’s, I2C, PWM, GPIO)

• EV-iMX280-SIM800-MB User Manual

EV-iMX280-SIM800-MB Altium Designer Project files
EV-iMX280-SIM800-MB PDF schematic
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